The quartz production is very qualitative, with a high silica content (more than 99.5%), is used to wear the inductive furnaces. It fulfills the criteria to be used in electronics, in precious stones, high quality silicon production, etc. The reserve quantities for the pink and white marbles are more than 700’000 m3 for every single object.

Judging from these high quantities, it is worth to heavily invest in these marbles, when after studies made by the specialists of “Kumega” Ltd., Burrel-Albania these objects have also a very high quality. For the use of the pink and white marble, we invite for collaboration companies from the entire world, to help with machinery and tools, because as we said, the marble carriers have a considerable quality and quantity.

Also, our company extracts and processes white calcite and kaolin that are very qualitative and face a high demand in the internal and foreign markets.


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