“Kumega” Ltd. was created in 1994 and its principal activity has been the exploitation of quartz mineral and it’s trading, after only a partial processing (break in pieces) because the lack of financial resources for investments.
After some time, the demand for this product was increased and we were forced to invest for the quartz processing in sand and dust to satisfy the market demand. The quality content of the quartz is big after extraction and also after its processing.
The silica content is bigger than 97% and for the quantity of 30% of the produced merchandize the silica content has gone until 99,7%. For this reason the market demand for the processed quartz mineral (sand and dust) has been satisfying for us.
While extracting and processing the quartz mineral, in 1997 our company was licensed to exploit white and pink marble, because the market demand for this product was big. It has been worked for the preparation of carriers in both objects of white and pink marble.

To use these carriers we thought to invite big companies so the carriers’ exploitation can have more quality and as a consequence the market can be more secure.


The products of our company are traded mainly within the country. The quartz (quartz sand) is traded in Italy for foundries and there has been demand for the quartz sand from the silicon production factories. Also, the quartz sand has been traded at a Swiss company to clean the ships by bombardment during their repair.


First, the “Kumega” Ltd. company began its activity with 2 or 3 employees, while now it employees 35 persons and very soon with the beginning of work for the exploitation of marbles, calcite and kaolin, we hope to employee 100 persons.
This clearly shows an increase in activity. We also paid special interest for the quality improvement of our products and feel really optimist about our future.

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